"We read to know we are not alone", C. S. Lewis


Suddenly there he is: Little King December II. Groaning, he has squeezed  through a gap between the bookcase and the wall аnd asks and answers questions. Why is he so small, no bigger than an index finger? Well, you see, in his world you are born big and get smaller and smaller, until one morning the valet can’t find you in the bed at all. From the start you know everything you have to; you can read, write, program computers, lunch over business. The smaller you become, the more you forget everything, clear out some space in your mind again, can go into the garden and believe the shadows there are ghosts, give the clouds names. Childhood comes at the end of life. Read about whether this is a good or bad thing in these wonderfully poetic stories.

Beautifully illustrated by Michael Sowa, Little King December is an enchanting and moving fable sure to become a classic.


Published: 05.04.2013
Edition: Hardcover
Paper: Coated
No of pages: 64
Product Dimensions: 16  x 21 x 0.8 cm
Shipping Weight: 300 gr
Colour Illustrations
ISBN 978-619-7055-01-6
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