"Четем, за да знаем, че не сме сами" К. С. Луис.





For the first time in Bulgarian the only autobiography of Edith Piaf , in which she tells without pathos, with a smile and a fine sense of humor about her difficult journey from the poor streets of Paris to the glamorous world scenes and her touring overseas, in Sweden and Greece, about her meetings with Marlene Dietrich , Charlie Chaplin, Eisenhower and Queen Elisabeth, about her roles in the theater , especially in plays by Cocteau, about the noisy parties at her home near the Bois de Boulogne and of course, about the men she loved.


From the book, which has a magnificent introduction by Jean Cocteau , we learn little known facts not only about the life of the great singer and the French chanson and theater, but also about the hectic time between the two world wars that have left its unmistakable impact on the development of art.


Published: 12.3.2013

Edition: Paperback

No of pages: 176

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